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Entry #57

A goodbye to an old friend

2017-06-17 08:27:38 by djzombie

So many of you might know a user known as goncalves2341. He used to make Madness comics and artworks and was, for me, the person who insisted on me keeping my profile. Newgrounds for me was a simple experiment. I never had the intention to do anything special with that account.

Until Goncalves offered some help to improve my profile.

He made character sprites, artworks, comics and much more and all for no reason. I owe to him my profile's existence to this day.

So yesterday as I was browsing through Newgrounds and I got message from him and he said that he quits Newgrounds because he finally found how to make things on his own. I have to say that I am happy that he reached this far and he says that without the support of his fans he would have never done it.

As his friend I acknowledge his decision and I hope that ,wherever he is, he is happy with his current life. He says he is happy that his journey has came to an end and he asked me to give a tearful goodbye to his old friends.

For the last time, goodbye Goncalves and thank you for everything. You made me profile to what it is today and made many people happy with your art and comics. We will be forever gratefull.



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2017-06-17 09:41:23

goodbye mr. commenter


2017-07-11 03:16:30

Gone forever?
*makes another FAKE account*
Anyways, Goodbye Goncalves.