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A goodbye to an old friend

2017-06-17 08:27:38 by djzombie

So many of you might know a user known as goncalves2341. He used to make Madness comics and artworks and was, for me, the person who insisted on me keeping my profile. Newgrounds for me was a simple experiment. I never had the intention to do anything special with that account.

Until Goncalves offered some help to improve my profile.

He made character sprites, artworks, comics and much more and all for no reason. I owe to him my profile's existence to this day.

So yesterday as I was browsing through Newgrounds and I got message from him and he said that he quits Newgrounds because he finally found how to make things on his own. I have to say that I am happy that he reached this far and he says that without the support of his fans he would have never done it.

As his friend I acknowledge his decision and I hope that ,wherever he is, he is happy with his current life. He says he is happy that his journey has came to an end and he asked me to give a tearful goodbye to his old friends.

For the last time, goodbye Goncalves and thank you for everything. You made me profile to what it is today and made many people happy with your art and comics. We will be forever gratefull.


Happy 2017+ARG news

2017-01-01 10:31:27 by djzombie

Happy 2017 everyone!


2016 was both a great and a not so great year.

*During 2016 my account was reborn from the ashes of inactivity and I posted constantly new artworks to satisfy your appetite for memes.

*During 2016 I went from 19 followers to freaking 34! It might not be much but for me it's a lot.

*During 2016 many other great things happened to my personal life and I am very happy about them.


But also many bad things happened.

*During 2016 my uncle died from liver cancer.

*During 2016 the singer who sang <<Last Christmas>>,my favourite childhood song,died (I think from an overdose).

*During 2016 Harambe died.

*During 2016 so many people died that I can't even count them.

*During 2016 Trump was elected for president.

But let's not think about the bad stuff,they are behind us now! Let's focus on a new year full of joy and optimism!

Have a spectacular new year and thank you for following me and counting on for almost 3 years now!

Your support has been really keeping me motivated but blame school for the lack of posts. >:(


Anyways,moving topics aside,my ARG has been doing...not very well.So far 4 people have tried to crack my code but only one succeeded.If you want to learn more about that click here:

It's probably not very famous because posts on Newgrounds are shown on the latest tab for only like 1 or 2 minutes so I decided to include this here also just incase someone sees it.


Once again thank you for your support and have a fantastic 2017!

What is this? An ARG?!?

2016-12-30 12:20:14 by djzombie

The Security AGENCY J.B.A.A.R. is looking for highly skilled individuals to work as technology agents in our headquarters.We will provide you with a series of tests and the last 2 to crack all of our codes will be initiated to J.B.A.A.R. For the current test you are going to need basic encoding and decoding knowledge to proceed.

The first 10 individuals to PM me the code will be initiated to the next challenge.

75 67 67 63 3a 2f 2f 63 6e 66 67 72 6f 76 61 2e 70 62 7a 2f 69 44 46 55 49 73 6c 54

The challenge doesn't only consist of HEX codes.Put all your skills to the test.

Good luck.

(Please note that this above you isn't the solution so don't translate this and send me the answer.Also note that this is just a game.You aren't actually joining any organization or cult.I am not the illuminati :P )


I saw some crazy answers.To help you the answer is a logical phrase and the everlasting codes I gave you lead to links.












Merry Christmas!

2016-12-23 15:06:58 by djzombie

Sorry for the lack of posts.I have been very busy lately.Freaking exams man.

Anyways I might post some new artworks today if I finish my assignments early.

Until then...

Merry Christmas!

No Halloween post?!?

2016-10-28 06:48:01 by djzombie

I am sorry I didn't post anything for halloween but here in Greece we don't even celebrate Halloween soooooo...

yeah. Happy Halloween to all of you lucky people out there.


We might not have Halloween but we do have something similar.Its called Αποκριες.We dress up in any kind of costume (not just scary ones) and then go on parties.We celebrate this usually between February and April and it is a lot of fun.The sad thing is we don't go trick or treating :(

Thy prayers answered

2016-10-06 12:12:51 by djzombie

The almighty Cethic has answered!


There are 2 types of men

2016-10-01 10:09:50 by djzombie



Art by @PrancerPie

Late Madness Day+30 Fans!

2016-09-29 08:22:09 by djzombie

First of all yesterday I hit 30 fans! *aplaud now*

Which means that a new artwork is coming up for all my friends and followers!

And I know it is late but I did say Happy Madness Day in a previous post but that is just too blunt.

Madness is what made me want to join newgrounds.

Madness is the series that I followed from the very start up to this point.

Madness is the series that inspired thousand of creators (including me) to make animations and artwork that sometimes even exceed the original series.

Madness is the series that I was watching and playing its games since I was little.

Madness made me what I am today.

So you know I had to make some artwork for this!

I am working on Madness Day Artwork/Comic that will hopefully post today.

Have a nice and day and thank you for 30 followers! :D


Sprites needed

2016-09-21 16:34:52 by djzombie

I have an idea for a Dr.Jekkyl and Mr.Hyde madness edition comic/animation but I don't have sprites for:

  • A tophat
  • A suit
  • A walking stick
  • Ghoul sprites
  • A lab uniform

If anyone has any of these sprites please PM me :)

ALSO Happy Madness Day!


2016-08-08 16:20:41 by djzombie

Although I have been really busy lately I hope I can upload more Djzombie funnies,there are a ton of fun to make!

Thank you for your support :D